Saturday, December 08, 2007


well, we are here....
we'll start job hunting and house hunting on monday. please pray that we will know when the lord is telling us to rent and when the lord is telling us to wait or something else. we'll put up pictures as we have time and as we remember to take them.


here we are in spain with paul and liz. it will be interesting to see what the lord does with us. i wish we could push fast forward and skip this time of waiting. on the other hand we do know that it will be a rich time of patience and a time of seeing the lord lead us and show himself faithful to us. we are in missouri now and will start job hunting on monday.


well, about 8 billion things have happened since last time (october). here are some pictures from our time in paris for our debrief. it was three cold days but a great time. it seems like a couple years ago now. strange.