Monday, June 23, 2008


Cody doesn't get near as much camera time as Ellen these days... he's just the most relaxed little guy, content enough to just watch his big sister in all her glory and drama. Sometimes he gets to join in passively, and sometimes, of course, he's the brunt end of her whirlwind of fun. I'm just enjoying his baby days so very much!

Joy is Ellen's new best buddy when it thunders, or she needs help out of the tub, or catastrophe strikes with the "pee in the potty" routine...but most especially when its time to go swimming.

Scott has been gone to  Omaha the past several days, so the kids and i spent a little more time with "Tamu"and "Sasi" (Ellen's interpretation of grandpa and grandma in the indian language)and Joy. Of course we hit the swingset.

Cody got to experience the wonderful world of swinging for his first time too. He wasn't exactly as excited as Ellen was but he definitely cracked a few grins and coohs.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

rope swing


after we were done playing soccer we went over to tessa's parents place to cool off. new tribes is on the lake and they have a nice big rope swing. it kept us entertained for a couple hours and then a storm rolled in and chases us back up to the house. 


for father's day, tessa got me a couple soccer balls. (thanks nate for helping her get some good ones).  so, last weekend we went out to practice. cody sat in the shade and sipped on lemonade, ellen ran and got the many balls that sailed high or wide of the goal, and tessa taught me some crafty brazilian moves.

all told, i'm going to be contacting nate koehn. he's the most decorated player in grace university world history and my old traveling companion. he can get me playing for tottenham in 4 months or my money back.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

marble maze

ellen really loves this little beauty. aunt carol gave it to her a couple weeks ago and grandma angelo mailed down about 40 marbles for extra fun. you can imagine what our afternoons are like.



happy birthday to tessa's dad, and happy anniversary to tessa's parents. both events were last saturday. 


tessa's dad took us paintballing last saturday. we had a blast playing 2 on 2 capture the flag on three different courses. we went home good and tired and all shot up. 


cody now eats rice cereal