Friday, December 05, 2008

first snow

unfortunately this is about the extent of snow that hits the ground here in missouri. we are entering a brown, muddy, cold season. they call it winter in missouri. nasty stuff. oh, how i miss the snow. i mean, if it's going to be 20 out we might as well have snow right? however, with all its shortcomings, missouri did afford cody the first opportunity of his life to put his hands in come snow. and for missouri's efforts, we thank her. 

christmas lights

we put up our lights a week ago

hunting trips

we have thousand of pesky rodents living in the woods around us. they get to our bird feeders and eat all the food, they get into a storage shed and make a mess, and they have been dropping in number one at a time. ellen and cody love to spot them and go hunting with me. cody really does start to squeal if he sees one out the window. its pretty funny.