Friday, March 30, 2007


packing is officially begun. well actually its more sorting than packing...but the process is in full swing. i find myself getting very unproductive and just sort of moving cloths around on the floor if I don't take a break every so often. ellen is just all OVER the house now scooting around finding whatever pile of sorted coths or kitchen items looks the most fun to knock over. it's been great to have these warm days to just go out for a walk and find the swings with ellen. ellen is so much happier when she's outdoors anyway.

scott and i will leave omaha the beginning of the week of april 16th to do some traveling and visiting friends/family. we fly from chicago to mali on may 25th.

its 66 degrees and cloudy (well, supposedly, its actually sunny right now)

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

the difference daddy makes

i took ellen out for a little photo shoot with the one flower bundle in the neighborhood (mild exaggeration). she just would NOT smile for me.

her daddy walked around the corner, what a difference daddy makes:

its 62 degrees and raining

Monday, March 26, 2007

catching up

Here's a little catch up on the happenings lately:

ellen does pretty well in the tub sitting up by herself now. her favorite activity seems to be standing up in the tub and holding onto the side to suck on it and of course slipping over and over trying to stay up.
we went to the zoo with the evan's and their kids on sunday. it was BEAUTIFUL out- a great time. ellen and i are LOVING the green springing up everywhere after a couple days of warm rain.
scott, ellen and i took a bike ride and detoured awhile to play some frisbey in some soccer fields we passed, this was before the sunny weather.
i took ellen to a park nearby tonight and she just couldn't get enough of the swing.

our time in omaha is wrapping up and we're suddenly scrambling to get in everything we can with ellen in our last times here...with friends and parks, and bike rides etc. i (tessa) was just realizing the other day that omaha has been my home now for almost 7 years!!!! YIKES ,am i really starting to think in "decades" now? God has blessed me and now my family with such amazing friends in omaha!
its 69 degrees and cloudy

Saturday, March 17, 2007

the zoo with aunt joy

joy, ellen, and i made a trip to the zoo this afternoon. ellen wasn't so much watching the animals until the polar bear...even then, we think she may have been more interested in sucking on the glass...yikes!!!! but we had fun thinking we were showing her the animals anyway.

ellen got to pet the goats and had fun giggling over them but the camera battery died before we could get a picture of that. one of the goats grabbed a plastic bag from our stroller and we thought it was a gonner.. but joy with her lightning quick reflexes wrested it away before any permanent damage was done. We then sheepishly and quickly left the petting zoo complex.

crazy goats!!... joy and i had fun remembering dad's mean, bully- billy goat that used to charge us when we went through his "pasture" to swim in the river (up in the indian village). we kids had to team up to plan diversion strategies for the horrible beast so we could make it down to the river alive. dad just thought he was funny. =)
anyway, it was a great day at the zoo.

its 42 degrees and cloudy with traces of frozen precipitation

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Joy's in town

my sister joy is here to visit over her spring break. last night after scott got off work we all went down to the park to play a little frisbee. we are loving the warm weather!!it was in the mid 70's yesterday!!!
right now it is 41 and partly cloudy.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

little girl fun

ellen loves it when her friend natalie comes over (me too, keeps ellen busy). natalie is already completely mobile and ellen jumps ahead by a few days on getting mobile every time natalie comes over and is motoring all over the house in front of her. here's a few shots of their fun together today.

aww, how cute
unfolding my laundry from the couch
how fun is the box!
its awkward figuring out how to maneuver around eachother
checking out martha stewart and the fasion trends it's 44 degrees and fair

Friday, March 02, 2007


ellen is a mover...she has been mobile for the last couple weeks but she is getting closer and closer to officially being able to crawl. she is knocking on the door and we'll let you know when she finally realizes that it's open and she can go in.
still 18 degrees and snowing

the watering hole

our little buckaroo at the watering hole....
its 18 degrees with snow showers