Saturday, April 21, 2007

hangin' in pella

just some pictures of the events in iowa...ellen with grandma, grandpa, and great grandma and grandpa.
still 78.7 degrees and cloudy


we were at a couple's house the other night for bible study all the guys were down in the basement talking. i had ellen down there with me, and i set her on the floor so she could crawl around. after a while she took off down the hallway towards the staris. one of the guys asked if she could do stairs and i told him no. about 15 minutes later he went up for something to drink and came down saying..."can't do stairs huh?" apparently he grabbed her off the landing about 7 stairs up. she has taken the next week or so to become the stair master. only up though....she tumbles backwards.
these pictures are at grandma and grandpa's house in pella.
it's 79 and cloudy

fun in the sun

the newest and most fun thing with ellen lately has been the fact that she has started to respond to us. we have been able to play around with her and she has been playing back. she will chase us around the bed and laugh at us and try to get our attention. these are some pictures from a couple nights ago.
way too much fun for sure...
it's 78 and mostly cloudy

Thursday, April 19, 2007

we are gone

we are officially out of our house. we will be spending the next month or so traveling and seeing family. we are in minnesota right now with tessa's parents and will be visiting two congregations here in south saint paul and some other friends. we are here through monday and will then be back to pella, iowa.
these are some pictures of the packing up and moving from omaha. yeah, ellen like doughnuts. can't take your eyes off that girl for one second.