Wednesday, January 30, 2008


some new pics of the kiddos

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

real madrid

this was a gift from someone special and i promised to hang it in a good spot. yup, you guessed it grandma angelo is a huge real madrid fan. ok, fine, it was from tyler when we stopped to see them in november. i hung it above cody's crib so he could be watched over by the spirit of spain.
ellen just wanted to be in the picture.
this just in.....i have received notice that tessa just got her first surprise while changing cody's diaper. and yes, i got her smack in the mouth. =) that's funny stuff. she violated the cardinal rule of changing a boy's diaper. always, i repeat always, change that diaper with your mouth closed.

linn creek, the city of brotherly love

the love is flowing


here are some pictures of the c-man.

Sunday, January 27, 2008


here are some pictures of our new little guy. his name is cody scott. he was 6lbs. 15 oz. and was 20 1/2 inches long. he has been really quiet from the start. only squawked a couple times his first seconds in the fresh air and has been quietly sleeping and looking around ever since. oh, we had him on the 26th at 3:35 pm. that's all the details i can think of for now. tessa can fill in the gaps later, i guess.
you can be praying for his health and for tessa's recovery. she bled for a number of hours after the delivery and is a little weak because of that. she was just shy of needing a blood transfusion and they have her on some iron to help bring her hemoglobin count back up without the transfusion. with all that to say, just remember to pray for her strength to come back quickly.
tessa's mom will be around to help out until she feels strong enough and will be around even after that, so we are thankful for the help.
if you have any questions just leave them in the comments section and we'll be checking often so we can answer them.
i'll also be putting up more pictures as the days roll on, so stay tuned.

Friday, January 25, 2008

bath time

ellen loves bath time. she will ask to take baths all day long and get a little upset when we tell her she has to wait. recently she started laying on her stomach like this. we call it swimming. she can't swim.


there a lots of leaves on the ground and we have loved being out there playing in them. well, ellen loves to play and mess up daddy's piles. i rather like getting calls from my dad saying that it is -30 in wisconsin. i hang up, put on a light jacket and go out to rake some leaves. makes it feel like florida.

the front yard

here is a shot of the front yard. you'll be able to see the house in the back as well. there is a garage off to the right and more yard off to the left. i'll try and get some better ones of the house next time.

leaving for missouri

This are some pictures of the morning we left for missouri. We had enough snow the days before leaving that we had to call a guy to come and plow us a trail back to the barn so we could load the u-haul. the trip was long but good. the lord came through (as always). when we were pulling into a phillips 66 in camdenton, mo to drop off the u-haul the ball came off the hitch and we lost the trailer. we can only guess how long that angel sat on the back and held that baby in place. my dad seems to think he would have been cold but i don't think angelic beings feel the weather. i guess we'll have to figure that one out in paradise. =) that story is just one of many neat things and one of the many practical ways we have seen the lord's hand on our lives recently. more stories to come later.