Sunday, February 25, 2007


yikes, we're a little behind! let me give you a very brief catch up on basketball. our boys won our conference tournament. in the final game we beat ozark by 20 points. we landed 3 royals on first team all conference. both our parents made it for the conference games!!!

then we road-tripped to oklahoma for regionals. we beat dallas christian in the first round by 12. but our season was up-ended by south western by 3 points. it was a frustrating loss as we had three chances to tie it up in the last 20 seconds of the game. out of our region, one of our players was voted second team all region, and two were selected first team all region. its been a great basketball season, we are sad to see it end.


Carrie said...

i'm sorry about the loss this weekend, but it seems that the team did really well this season! i'm sure you have some great memories. love you guys!

Tawnya said...

Aren't you forgetting MVP at Regionals Scotty?...Congrats anyway you humble guy you!

christi said...

Sounds like a great season and congrats on the tell!!!! Nice work and way to just jump in and join the fun Tessa & Ellen - I heard you made the road trip to OK with the team! You are awesome!