Thursday, April 19, 2007

we are gone

we are officially out of our house. we will be spending the next month or so traveling and seeing family. we are in minnesota right now with tessa's parents and will be visiting two congregations here in south saint paul and some other friends. we are here through monday and will then be back to pella, iowa.
these are some pictures of the packing up and moving from omaha. yeah, ellen like doughnuts. can't take your eyes off that girl for one second.


Jared said...

Ugh... That hurt my heart to se you all packed up! Omaha isn't the same Omaha as it was when we left at the end of August. Life is changing...constantly.... I wish we could just sit and play Carcasonne, and eat and laugh.

We'll have to do lots of that in a couple weeks when you are down here!

Anonymous said...

Great Grandma here, I can not get logged on to
what am I doing wrong?