Wednesday, May 30, 2007

first days

the first pictue is of ellen and mamma sako. mamma will be teaching some of the classes and has been showing us around bamako. he is an evangelist and volunteers much of his time at campus crusade for christ here in the city.

the other picture is of us in the taxi and some of the scenery on the way down.
the last picture is of the team when we were down by the river seeing the farms. the malian on the far left was one of the farmers, working from left to right we have karlee and brent, a malian pastor, tessa and ellen in the front, hannah right behind them, and me behind her. shannon and sarah are standing to my right with mamma sako behind them and courtney kneeling in front. then in the blue is lindsay with tasha to her right, followed by todd standing, caleb kneeling, and ending with a pastor visiting from chad.

it's 104* and i just might be getting used to the heat.

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Jared said...

Scott, I golfed 18 holes today! It was 100 out! I love Phoenix! I put into practice all the little tips you showed me when you were here... I was smoking the ball! I couldn't believe it!!!