Sunday, October 21, 2007


this morning we got up at 4:45 and tried to beat the sun to breakfast. we hopped on ed's yamaha 125 and took off for the bluffs. if you go past the hospital for another half hour on a roller coaster dirt road you come to where we went. it was BEAUTIFUL. the sun came up and the birds were a-singing. it was truly something out of a movie. ellen gets sandwiched between tessa and i everywhere we go. she loves it and moves from side to side to peek around me. on the way home she fell asleep on tessa's arm with a big smile on her face. it was really cute.

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Stefan and Sharon Kern said...

Hey! We just now were able to go back and watch all the video clips for the first time (we have "issues" with our this was the first time we were able to view video). We (including Cohen) LOVED them! Particularly loved Ellen's dance...very similar to Cohen's with the arm action...although he doesn't quite have the fancy foot work that his cousin has. We'll have to get them together so they can share moves. Love, S.