Monday, March 10, 2008

last weekend

last weekend one of my college buddies came through to visit. he came down on thursday and we took off friday morning for dallas, tx. the grace royals played in the regional tournament and we went to be assistant coaches. they won both games and are playing in the national tournament this week. on tuesday after tessa gets off work we are going to springfield (1 hr) to watch them in the 6 o'clock game.
ellen liked her uncle mike and he liked reading her books.


Tim said...

Hey Scott,
I've been reading your blog, and I'm really glad you guys are doing well. Ellen has grown so fast, and Cody is pretty cute too. Glad everything is well with him. Give Mott and the team the best for me, I hope they do well.

Tim Allen

chjensen2 said...

Great pic of Mike and Ellen! Also, I see the fern in the background is doing well! Thanks for not killing it! Kudos!