Wednesday, April 23, 2008


ellen did two funny things today. this morning at no important time ellen's bedroom door slammed. a couple minutes later tessa went to investigate. she found ellen sleeping. she was in her bed with her pacifier in her mouth and blanket tucked neatly around herself. ellen put herself down for a nap. 

after her nap ellen came and knocked on the door. she didn't have her diaper on. usually that is an immediate spanking. she is not allowed to take her own diaper off. however, this time the spirit of the lord prompted tessa not to spank her. a few seconds later ellen ran over to "ellen's potty" and had a proud little smile on her face. then she lifted up the lid and said "poo." sure enough. ellen had gone to the bathroom all by herself. 

two firsts in one day. self-nap and independent poo.

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