Monday, September 22, 2008

little update

wanted to keep you guys in the loop. the newest development has been a new job for me (scott). i have taken a interim youth pastor position at osage hills. it is the church that we have been a part of since we got here. i am 3 wednesday nights and a couple outside events seasoned now. it has been fun, and extremely stretching already. the timeline is not really sure. i was hired along with another guy to keep the boat afloat while the search team looks for a permanent hire. i might be there for 5 months or just a couple more weeks. only god knows.

that is the website for the youth group. it is fairly recent (8 days) so there isn't much there yet, but if you keep checking back you will see a bit more of what is happening in the youth group.

so there you have it. 


Smiths said...

hey guys! thanks for the update...we'd heard a little bit about this from your dad. so awesome to see God using your gifts. side note: check out our blog....we trusted your kelty recommendation and LOVE it!

Evans said...

Sorry we missed yall the last time you were in Omaha. Hopefully we can catch up at some point. Your trip to Tennessee looked awesome. the kids are getting so big. Keep in touch.

the Evans clan