Saturday, March 28, 2009


Ellen is at the age of infatuation with band-aids. the other day she told me she NEEDED a bandaid because cody bit her on the ankle. cody doesn't have a vindicative bone in his body so i proceeded into a lengthy lecuture on the evils of lying and was feeling quite proud of myself for seizing the opportunity. after quite some insistance though, i finally agreed to look at her ankle and to my horror, found a distinct red moon shape on top with two little "holes" on the bottom. i paused, shocked, to look over at cody who was playing next to us in the tub oblivious to the horrific sisterly accusation. he stopped mid-splash and beamed up the biggest, most sincere, and toothy smile ever. i must admit, his teeth did look suddenly very menacing and sharp indeed. poor ellen was quite put out when i burst into a laugh and reached over to give CODY a big hug. BUT, score one for the "hello kitty" band-aid she proudly wore that night. 

lately it seems like cody is all runny nose and defiance. he's certainly figuring out the world of choices. he still can't really say an actual word. the closest he comes is the one word that is nearest and dearest to his little heart "banana" the boy can sure pack away a banana...or two...or three at a time.

he has officialy lost his crib railing...which is probably adding to his runny nose. he crawls off his bed but hasn't figured out how to crawl back up and we often find him in the morning or at nap time sprawled out sound asleep on the floor with no blanket and with an expansive ring of toys around him.

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Christi said...

LOL! That was a funny little story! I can totally see myself going into a lecture like that and then infact finding the truth. Wait...I've done that! :-) Cody looks like quite the little boy all the sudden!