Thursday, June 11, 2009

Two rather important facts I have somehow forgotten to mention:
  • we have moved into a new home we absolutely love. a duplex with 3 bedrooms (whoo-hoo for another bedroom)
  • baby #3 is due somewhere around December 4th. =)
we love the neighborhood  area we have to go on walks in.

Grass will be here soon. we hope.
To Ellen's delight, we recently had some new neighbors move in. They just happen to be the new worship leader at our church and his family. And they have a daughter Ellen's age. It's a toss up who is more excited about a play-mate, Ellen or her parents. We can't wait to get to know them better.


Kliewer Chronicles said...

Tessa! Congrats on Baby #3!!! I'll be praying for a healthy pregnancy and delivery and ENERGY to keep up with Ellen & Cody in the meantime. So happy for you & Scott and your growing family, I love you! - Kim

SarahRJohnston said...

I've been waiting to hear #3 is on the way! Congrats! Enjoy the new home, the extra bedroom will come it very handy with another little one in the family. We miss you and love you lot's!

Anonymous said...

Hi Scott and Tessa and family, Congratulations on everything going on with your family. The babes are adorable and I know you are doing a great job with them. I think of you often as I still have your picture on my frig. Love Sandi Cole