Wednesday, December 13, 2006


scott and i are definitely feeling the busy schedule catch up with us now. lately i keep hearing myself say "oops forgot to do that". here i thought staying home would be boring. little elle-belle just keeps rolling with the punches. she had her 4 month appointment on tuesday and got some more shots. (she is in the 95th % for height, the 60th % for weight). our moodiness has been quite effected on this round. she has also developed a "nails on the chalkboard" screech. not quite as fun for scott and i as it apparently is for her. =)

this weekend scott will be flying to oklahoma for a basketball game. then basketball will pause until after christmas break.

we've gotten a little more information recently about our trip to Mali coming up in May. We'll be sending out a New Year's update that should have some of that information on it.

can't wait for christmas break and a trip to kentucky to be with my family!!!

i'm now off to walmart with our shrieking pterodactyl before scott gets home from practise

its 40 degrees and partly cloudy


christi said...

Ah yes, the sounds of childhood...gotta love it! Have a blast in Kentucky, we are headed to Idaho on Christmas Day. We are excited to see my brother and his family, we haven't seen them since last Thanksgiving. We'll be praying for safety with all of your travels!

Jared said...

What a gorgeous little baby!! Wow, do we wish we were there to hang with you all!

Anonymous said...