Wednesday, December 06, 2006

christmas time

sorry we haven't updated you guys in the last week or so. life has been busy; good, but busy.

you'll notice that we have our tree up and some other lights in the house. pretty festive.

the ellen update is that she can grab things, on purpose. she has grabbed things before, but now you can tell that she see something and reaches out to grab it. particularly noses, lips, and rattles. she has also discovered her feet. she will lay on the floor, grab her feet, and rock back and forth. pretty amusing. other than that she continues to jabber all day long.

the royals are now 5-4 and we have two games this weekend. we'll let you know how they go.

well, that's it for now. we'll try and take some more pictres of ellen in the next couple days and get them up for you.

it's 21 degrees with flurries and a killer north wind

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Jared said...

Christi and I just put up the tree tonight! We had one strand of lights go down on us, so we'll finish tomorrow. For only the second time in Jensen history we have a real tree! It's great! We are struggling to get into the Christmas spirit this year. How can we be running the AC in our car in December!! Weird!!