Friday, March 30, 2007


packing is officially begun. well actually its more sorting than packing...but the process is in full swing. i find myself getting very unproductive and just sort of moving cloths around on the floor if I don't take a break every so often. ellen is just all OVER the house now scooting around finding whatever pile of sorted coths or kitchen items looks the most fun to knock over. it's been great to have these warm days to just go out for a walk and find the swings with ellen. ellen is so much happier when she's outdoors anyway.

scott and i will leave omaha the beginning of the week of april 16th to do some traveling and visiting friends/family. we fly from chicago to mali on may 25th.

its 66 degrees and cloudy (well, supposedly, its actually sunny right now)


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So I've been out of Nebraska a while, but what's this about Mali?