Tuesday, July 17, 2007

buffalo bill

on sunday we took a trip out a village that worships buffaloes. they worship these ancient buffaloes that came to the area and died. when they died the turned into rocks and became immortal. today, people bring chickens, goats, and sheep sacrifice them at the foot of the rock. they do this when their wives are having trouble getting pregnant, when they need to get a job, need protection, or are wishing harm on another individual. they then tie up the rope that they led their animal with and promise another sacrifice when their request comes true. just another example of how deceived these people are. please continue to pray that the lord would lift the blinders from these peoples eyes and show them himself. also remember the 12 believers that are living in the village.

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Dan and Marcy said...

Scott, you must be a hound dog - you seem to "sniff" out the funnest places...Glad you share them with us with the pix you take and put on this blogspot. thanks :)