Tuesday, January 29, 2008

real madrid

this was a gift from someone special and i promised to hang it in a good spot. yup, you guessed it grandma angelo is a huge real madrid fan. ok, fine, it was from tyler when we stopped to see them in november. i hung it above cody's crib so he could be watched over by the spirit of spain.
ellen just wanted to be in the picture.
this just in.....i have received notice that tessa just got her first surprise while changing cody's diaper. and yes, i got her smack in the mouth. =) that's funny stuff. she violated the cardinal rule of changing a boy's diaper. always, i repeat always, change that diaper with your mouth closed.


A.B. said...

Scott and Tessa-

So glad everything is going well. Congrats on your new little guy!!! It's been forever since I've last seen or heard from you guys. Thanks to Sarah I got your blog address and decided to drop you guys a little note. Well now that your back in the states give me a call or I can give you call to catch up. Well I hope to hear from you soon. By the way if my name doesn't come to you right away we were in foundations together.

Love, Jessica 402-301-1764

Anonymous said...

Thank you Uncle Scotty for putting up my Madrid flag. I like it a lot! I thought it was kinda funny that you said you got it from Grandma! Hope you can come back to Spain soon! I love you!

Stud Muffin