Friday, January 25, 2008

leaving for missouri

This are some pictures of the morning we left for missouri. We had enough snow the days before leaving that we had to call a guy to come and plow us a trail back to the barn so we could load the u-haul. the trip was long but good. the lord came through (as always). when we were pulling into a phillips 66 in camdenton, mo to drop off the u-haul the ball came off the hitch and we lost the trailer. we can only guess how long that angel sat on the back and held that baby in place. my dad seems to think he would have been cold but i don't think angelic beings feel the weather. i guess we'll have to figure that one out in paradise. =) that story is just one of many neat things and one of the many practical ways we have seen the lord's hand on our lives recently. more stories to come later.

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