Sunday, November 26, 2006

turkey and mashed potatoes

thanksgiving has come and gone now. ellen loved having grandma and grandpa angelo in omaha for the holiday weekend. she took them shopping, to the zoo, had them start a couple puzzles, got them laughing, got them to changer her diaper, and then sent them home this morning.

this was the first exterior wisconsin thanksgiving in angelo history. the turkey still tasted the same.

tomorrow we'll have our christmas tree up and trimmed, some lights on the house, light 101.9 on the radio (nothing but christmas till' christmas), and some eggnog in our glasses (ellen's and mine- tessa doesn't appreciate eggnog). ho, ho, ho.

to all a good night,
34 degrees and drizzling rain


Jennie Kelly said...

Boy she's getting so big! I love looking at the updates..thanks. And Tessa, you're looking good!

christi said...

That picture of Ellen bundled up is so cute! She looks snug and well cared for! She is getting so big.

53* and cloudy