Monday, January 29, 2007

flat tire and a sunday

i worked a night shift this weekend...and came out to my car to find a flat tire! YUCK. this is the second time this has happened to me recently. praise God for a dad who taught his girls how to change a flat tire. after i got home we got the hole fixed and then scott took ellen out for a lesson in changing a flat tire.

sunday was just a great day of rest for scott and i as we had some good talks together about our upcoming mali trip and the future and just where we're at today. we worked on our mali support letter. brad byrd, recently back from guatemala, came over sunday afternoon and we had a great time talking life and biblical issues. then sunday night we went over to willy and kendra's (willy plays basketball with scott) for some supper and a couple rounds of taboo.

ellen had her 6 month check-up today (slightly early). she's got an ear-infection. no wonder she's been a little out-of-sorts lately. she still such a happy little girl even when she's sick!

tonight scott has a basketball game against calvary about three hours away. ellen and i are sitting this one out from home to recuperate. all three of us are still fighting the sniffles. =)

it's 25 degrees and sunny

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christi said...

Wow...Tessa nice job on changing the flat tire after work! I have to say, this 'farm girl' would have called for help!! Great job, I'm impressed. Ellen is looking as cute as ever helping her daddy with the tire. Can't wait to have you here in just a few short months! 4 months or whatever.

55* and rainy today.