Tuesday, January 02, 2007

New Year's Snow

we finally got some real snow on sunday -enough for omaha to postpone the new year's fire works to monday night. we spent most of new years day working on update letters. Scott was also working on a 30 page paper about mali. ellen and i took a break and went outside to play with the snow a little bit. it was such a beautiful sunshiny day. then at 6:30 we all bundled up, grabbed our hot chocolate, and headed downtown to watch the fireworks with some friends/our landlords/prof at grace (the holmes).
unfortunately, ellen was long due for a nap and was so sleepy she only managed a blank stare sometimes in the general direction of the colorful sky. even the loud booms couldn't shake the commited sleepy stare...not a blink.but it was an especially good fireworks year...not too long and especially big in the end. afterward, we headed over the the holmes for some hot drinks and good stories.
this morning scott is off to work, ellen is napping again (just can't shake this cold she's got) and i'm preparing for a good house-cleaning session.
it is 22 degrees and fair (-ly sunny)


Lance, Jen and Kaedyn said...

Oh my goodness...ellen is so cute all bundled up like that! Thanks for the updates, we love watching how she changes. They sure grow like weeds, don't they? :)

christi said...

Too cute! I love all the pictures, it helps me think I still get to hang out with you guys. Like the beard Scott...it's a good look.