Sunday, January 14, 2007

lazy snow

we had some snow this afternoon and evening. there is about 3 inches on the ground now and we are supposed to get a few more. this evening we took a walk and it was beautiful. there was no wind and the snow was softly drifting down on us . needless to say it was a winter wonderland and ellen seemed to like it from inside her little cocoon. we cut the walk a little short because her nose was getting a little rosy.
its 16 degrees and let it snow, let it snow, let it snow


Ryan said...

i am not going to lie she does not look too happy to be in the snow...but then again she is a Nebraska baby

christi said...

You guys look like your freezing your tails off...get down here to Arizona and fast! Actually I miss the snow quite a bit!

60* and sunny here in AZ.

Anonymous said...

Dear Scott and Tessa, Greetings from the Taylors. You have been so kind to include us when sending out your beautiful letters. I found this blogspot address but would like to receive your e-mail address and letter by e-mail so we can keep contact from now on. We don't have a blog but we do send our group mailings.
Aunt Gwen is teaching and I am representing NTM in churches and universities. Our children are all here now. Karis could not take the heat in Malawi so they had to return. They will work in a church here in the US until the Lord directs them to a cooler area.
Yours in Jesus, Calvin and Gwen 865-584-3362