Sunday, September 30, 2007

major let-down

watermelons will be in major supply soon. so far koutiala has only seen four of them and we have consumed one. it was the best watermelon we have ever had. (that may be partly due to the fact that it reminded us of home) well, we went back to look for more and went a couple days without seeing one again. major let-down. then one day we were riding our little yamaha moped through the market and bingo.....watermelon. there was only one left and it was a beauty, as you can see from the picture above.
as the knife sliced through the outer shell our mouths began to water from the anticipation of the sweet, cool fruit that would dance on our tongues in a few minutes. as the knife clicked on the cutting board we noticed that the inside was a little white. wait a minute...the whole thing is white. it smells funny too. "not ripe yet," says tessa. major bummer. we were about to throw our prize watermelon away when i noticed that it smelled strangely like cucumber in the kitchen. upon further inspection our watermelon was diagnosed as a giant cucumber.
i made a mandate that no future angelo will eat cucumber again. they are a cursed vegetable, full of wickedness and deception.


jared said...

HA!! What a bummer! I laughed out loud. Things in Idaho are good. I am currently putting together as many little side jobs as I can to make ends meet... cleaning gutters, power-washing, window washing, hauling hay, fixing computers, creating videos for people. It's quite a variety but it's been a blast. It's also been little scary as I never know what the next week will bring. Somehow I manage to find jobs and keep working Monday through Saturday.

Andrew said...

Holy Cucumber!!!! I have never seen such a large watermelon...ahem...cucumber in my life! :) It's been great to read your updates and see your videos of ellen. They are great! Keep them coming and God Bless! You are all in my prayers.

Anonymous said...

That is hilarious!
from the coach's wife :)