Saturday, September 08, 2007

the hospital

here is the hospital in koutiala. i am standing on the front porch of the pediatrics (ped's) ward for this picture. the ped's ward is not open yet. they don't have enough staff yet and they don't have a storage shed built to move things into so they can open up the rooms. sea containers come in every month or so packed with medical equipment from the states. they didn't have a place to put it so they packed the rooms of the pediatric ward with the equipment.
the hospital has been up and running for 15 months now. there has been quite a bit of growth and the place is going to explode in the next couple years. as soon as that shed is built the ped's ward will open and then they are dreaming of a dental and eye wing to open in the future. they are also planning on starting a nursing and maybe even a medical school as part of the hospital operation when this thing gets off the ground and running.

ok, now we are on the front step of the hospital looking back at the ped's ward. when it opens they will also have a pharmacy and a lab opened as well. as of right now they can't even do blood samples to see if people have malaria or typhoid. they are all looking forward to having that lab open up so they can "join the 21st century"

i took some pictures into the rooms so you can see how they are packed with things and there are things outside in the hallway too.

ok, as you walk into the ped's ward you come to the waiting area and the offices. patient rooms are off to both sides. the new pediatrician just moved into his house. that is the guy i was painting for. once he gets some bambara under his belt (he already knows french) they will let him come over and begin to get this side of the hospital up and running.

as you go past the patient rooms you come to this area. the recovery rooms. these are all packed with medical supplies as well. the pediatrics ward is much bigger and longer. the original building has a ramp in the middle for "emergency ambulance access" and to both sides are operating and delivery rooms. they are having to double up on surgery and recovery rooms because they are having more and more people there every day. any docs or nurses out there want to come and serve? they could use the extra help.

as you go past the recovery rooms you come to the back of the property. you can see the sea containers back there. this is where the storage shed and shop will be built. this is where bob and i will be spending a lot of time in the near future. they will use the containers as the four corners of the building they are just going to put a roof over the area and reorganize the containers so they can move some of the medical equipment and medicine into them and into the shop. here is your before picture. hopefully you'll see a lot of change in the next 2 months.

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