Saturday, September 08, 2007

work and the house

here are some pictures of working. i put in a clothes line for olive, one of the nurses out at the hospital. i also put a sweep on the bottom of her door to keep out bugs, toads, and roaches. we put in a commercial door closer out at the hospital to do the same thing for the recovery wing. keep out bugs. we organized the shop, and we are going to work on a car port this afternoon. should be fun. oh, and to the side of the building there is the shop (my office). bob (good maintenance man name) the guy that i work will lives to the right of the shop.

the one picture is of our house. we stay upstairs. the red car is for us to use. we'll be rollin' in the wagon. it has already gotten us some milk, and stuff for salad, canned goods, and all kinds of goodies.

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Anonymous said...

Sweet pad & welcome to the world of toddler beds and all that goes along with that adventure!!