Sunday, May 18, 2008

bird questions again

ok, i'm 99.99% positive that the top picture is a golden finch. however, i have never heard of a blue finch. i looked it up on the internet and they are only native to south america. small chance we have a blue finch at our feeder. it is the same size and looks much like the golden finch except for the blue color. can anyone out there put a name on this blue one?


Anonymous said...

Hi! I bet you didn't know I read your blog! But I have to keep up on all the babies.
I think the blue bird is a male Indigo Bunting. They will spend the summer way up here in MN but do migrate to Mexico, Central America and South America. And the yellow one is an American Gold finch.
Way to go on the potty, Ellen.
Pam Olsen

Anonymous said...

an ornathologist i am not, but being somewhat familiar with a few north american species, i am pretty sure it is not an eagle. i hope this helps:-)