Sunday, May 18, 2008

potty in the potty #2

we have noticed that ellen is more "aware" of when she has to go to the bathroom when she is not wearing her diaper. for instance....when she has just gotten out of the bath, or about to take a bath, or getting her diaper changed she will tell us she has to use the potty, and does. i decided to take a bit of a risk yesterday and see if she could go diaper free for a while, thinking that might help her get used to "going potty." i am proud to report that ellen conquered the entire day (aside from nap time) totaling 17 "number 1's" and 2 "number 2's." i couldn't believe it. it was like she had been potty trained for years. i blurred the contents of the container to save those with weak stomachs. tomorrow she might learn to spell her name and ride a wheelie on her bike.

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Anonymous said...

That is awesome!