Thursday, March 08, 2007

little girl fun

ellen loves it when her friend natalie comes over (me too, keeps ellen busy). natalie is already completely mobile and ellen jumps ahead by a few days on getting mobile every time natalie comes over and is motoring all over the house in front of her. here's a few shots of their fun together today.

aww, how cute
unfolding my laundry from the couch
how fun is the box!
its awkward figuring out how to maneuver around eachother
checking out martha stewart and the fasion trends it's 44 degrees and fair


Carrie said...

How cute, Tessa! Looks like they had fun!

christi said...

Oh shoot! Those two are too cute together! I wish Evie could be around to tag along behind the 'big girls' in a few months, that would be fun!