Monday, March 26, 2007

catching up

Here's a little catch up on the happenings lately:

ellen does pretty well in the tub sitting up by herself now. her favorite activity seems to be standing up in the tub and holding onto the side to suck on it and of course slipping over and over trying to stay up.
we went to the zoo with the evan's and their kids on sunday. it was BEAUTIFUL out- a great time. ellen and i are LOVING the green springing up everywhere after a couple days of warm rain.
scott, ellen and i took a bike ride and detoured awhile to play some frisbey in some soccer fields we passed, this was before the sunny weather.
i took ellen to a park nearby tonight and she just couldn't get enough of the swing.

our time in omaha is wrapping up and we're suddenly scrambling to get in everything we can with ellen in our last times here...with friends and parks, and bike rides etc. i (tessa) was just realizing the other day that omaha has been my home now for almost 7 years!!!! YIKES ,am i really starting to think in "decades" now? God has blessed me and now my family with such amazing friends in omaha!
its 69 degrees and cloudy

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christi said...

Looks like the days have been packed lately for you guys! Enjoy each day and get it all in before you leave, we miss Omaha a ton, but know that we are where God wants us, and you will be too! We are so excited for you guys to get to Mali!! We are praying for you as you wrap up in OTown and begin this next season of life. Love you and can't wait to hang out with you soon!!