Saturday, March 17, 2007

the zoo with aunt joy

joy, ellen, and i made a trip to the zoo this afternoon. ellen wasn't so much watching the animals until the polar bear...even then, we think she may have been more interested in sucking on the glass...yikes!!!! but we had fun thinking we were showing her the animals anyway.

ellen got to pet the goats and had fun giggling over them but the camera battery died before we could get a picture of that. one of the goats grabbed a plastic bag from our stroller and we thought it was a gonner.. but joy with her lightning quick reflexes wrested it away before any permanent damage was done. We then sheepishly and quickly left the petting zoo complex.

crazy goats!!... joy and i had fun remembering dad's mean, bully- billy goat that used to charge us when we went through his "pasture" to swim in the river (up in the indian village). we kids had to team up to plan diversion strategies for the horrible beast so we could make it down to the river alive. dad just thought he was funny. =)
anyway, it was a great day at the zoo.

its 42 degrees and cloudy with traces of frozen precipitation

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