Sunday, November 12, 2006

3 months and 1 week

well, ellen is growing like a weed. it seems that every day she is getting bigger, stronger, and more talkative. she is pretty close to being able to sit up on her own and scoots herself around on the ground. not anything close to crawling, but she can spin herslef around in circles. she is on the floor right now talking to "somebody" and playing with her little rattles.

tessa won a free night's stay at a country inn and suites at the big O show. so we spent last night at the hotel, watched indiana jones hunt down the lost arc, and did some swimming. it was great to take a little mini vacation as a family.

its 43 degrees and mostly cloudy.


christi said...

Love the weather report...glad you guys could get some Indiana in your lives!

60* and clear blue skies.


ryan said...

she sure is getting bigger. That is awesome. Its fun to watch her grow throught the different pictures.