Saturday, November 04, 2006

royals 89, statesmen 90, double OT

the royals came into this afternoons game to face the number 13th ranked team in the nation, NAIA division 1. the statesmen came out to a quick start and built an early 12 point lead over the royals. however the royals clawed back in with four minutes left to go in the first half and took a 4 point lead at half time, 27-23. the first ten minutes of the second half was all grace they took control of the game and built their lead. however, the statesmen wouldn't die, they fought back with seven minutes left in the game and tied it up. from that point neither team led by more than three. in the closing seconds of the game the statesmen missed a layup with the ballgame tied and the royals had a three pointer rim out as the buzzer sounded. the first over time was an even match with the statesmen hitting a desperation bank three at the buzzer to send it into double over time. with just 34 seconds left in the game the royals went to the freethrow line, hit both and took a one point lead. the statesmen drove down the floor, penetrated and were blocked by the royals. however the ball landed in a statesmen players hand and he lofted a shot over the back of the backboard. the gym fell silent as this hail mary shot found the rim and put the statesmen up one with .01 seconds left in the game. a last ditch tip attempt by the royals was unsucessful and the statesmen stole one from the royals. it was a heartbreaker. two last second shots that shouldn't have fallen, did, and the royals felt the agony of defeat. this won't go down as a victory in the books, but the royals were the better team. the royals gained much respect in the league with this game against a ranked opponent in a higher division. you can keep up with the stats over the course of the season at and by clicking on men's basketball.


scott, tessa and ellen said...

ya know, i just checked the royals webpage and it isn't up yet. they are working on getting the stats up and going. i guess you can see a picture of the team. i'll let you know when they have it done. sorry about that.

jared said...

Oh man!!! Christi and I so wish we could be there!! Sounds like we missed quite a game.