Thursday, November 23, 2006

happy thanksgiving

well, the last couple weeks have come and gone now. ellen is three and a half months and might as well have her own talk show. she is cooing and gooing and ooing every second her eyes are open. we love the new phases. the royals basketball team is on a three game winning streak and thanksgiving vacation is upon us. grandpa and grandma angelo are in town and the festivities are upon us.

i won't write much, i need to help grandma with some pies. just wanted to get some new pics out and say a happy thanksgiving to everyone

its 57 and mostly sunny.


Anonymous said...

Hola Scott, Tessa, and Ellen

It was great to read the Blog and see the pictures. I am so happy that you are enjoying life and everything is going well. I look forward to seeing a game soon Scott. God Bless.

Brad said...

By the way that (el usuario anonimo is Brad Byrd)