Thursday, November 16, 2006

Dordt 72 Gu 70

we played another NAIA school last night...Dordt in Sioux Center, Ia. Ellen and I got to ride along with the guys on this little road trip. It was a fun game to watch. We were leading most of the first half. we would have had a 6 point lead at half time but they scored a nice three pointer just before time ran out. So we were leading 46 to 43 at half time. second half our turn-over rate did us in although we were neck and neck most of the way through. our offense was doing an awesome job penetrating their defense so in the last 3 1/2 minutes or so they switched to zone defense (or so I'm told =) and we were unable to pull ahead. we had a chance in the last couple seconds to at least tie the game but they played smart and we couldn't draw the foul before the buzzer. So Dordt won 72 to 70. Scott had a great game...I know he wouldn't want me to tell you how many of those points were his...but I can brag a little and just say that he was amazing as usual.

ellen was great through the whole game. she's just so "go with the flow" takes after her daddy I guess. she just stared at the lights and burped up a steady flow of cheese( no her daddy doesn't really do that) between her newly discovered "gurgle coohs". it's been so long since that first real laugh...but last night we heard it again over and over as she watched the fan at pizza ranch where we stopped to eat. It was so fun to see her think it was so funny.

scott would be disspointed if I didn't include:

its 32 and totally cloudy
over and out


christi said...

I heard through the GraceVine that Scott had like 28 points in Tuesdays game!!! Nice work!

Wish we were there to see ya play...

christi said...

p.s. 72* clear blue skys