Wednesday, June 13, 2007

the bush

yesterday we went out to the city of kolakani. it was good to get out of the city and see the countryside a little bit. ok, a little breakdown of the pictures. the top is a picture of the village's well. it is about 55 feet deep and that is the source of all life in the area. the second picture is of ellen and tessa as we were walking around. then we paused for lunch; the last picture is of our driver holding ellen as we lounged around and took tea. the tea is pretty good, but it's strong. they actually brew it twice, add a little sugar and sometimes mint, and serve it up piping hot in a little shot glass. pretty good stuff. the next picture is of lunch. they grind up millet in their mortars and then add it to boiling water. it comes out something like a gritty, bread-jello like substance. not half bad in taste. then you dip it in the green sauce like you see tessa doing. the sauce is made from the little leaves of the tree that you see pictured second to last. in kolakani we visited the pastor and his family as well as the christian radio station in town. we also stopped by a couple that is working with world vision. they said that in kolakani and the surrounding area there are over 2,8000 kids sponsored. the funds from sponsors have built a sh cool, feed the kids and their families, and a good share are open to the gospel or have received christ. fun to see the other end of the whole operation. that sums up our day until lunch. the afternoon will be continued in the next post.....

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