Friday, June 29, 2007

the house and yard

ok, here we have some pictures of the house we are staying in. one of them...not sure what order they will be showing up of the house with me and ellen standing outside. half of our team is staying here and we do all our cooking down here as well. it is in the far corner of the compound. one of them is of ellen sitting on the cement pad that is on the back of the house. that's where we hang out most of the time and that's other other hanging out on the cement pad. alrighty, one of them is of the daily mop of the pad because it gets dusty. that is also ellen's slip and slide time of the day. one shot is of our room and ellen in her crib with the mosquito net. finally, we have a picture of the living room. in that picture the kitchen is off to the left and our room is in the back right corner from there. that should help as you think of us here in the house.

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brad byrd said...

The house looks pretty good. And so does that tea. You will have to make me some when you get home.