Friday, June 29, 2007

mint farm

one major part of malian cluture is taking tea. they do it once after lunch and once in the evening after supper. the tea is brewed nice and strong with a hint of mint and sugar. our team as purchased everything to partake ourselves and we are loving it. anyway, we went to get some mint in the market and i went ahead and planted some by the side of the house. they reproduce by propagation. ok, someone help me on this...christi. is that what we call it in the plant world. we have split thoughts amongst the team and need some professional input. all you have to do is break one off and plant it. man, i need that house plant book you gave us. anyway the mint has taken root and looks good. we'll be harvesting in no time. we have land to the west to expand as well, depending on how well they do. oh, and you can't see the mint yet because we covered the little plot with branches to keep the chickens from getting in there and kicking them all up.

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