Saturday, June 02, 2007

walk on

this morning we had language training for an hour and then we took a hike. it was only a mile but it was a warm one. one of the picutes is as we were on the bridge over the niger river. what you can see is about half way over already. i had no idea it was so huge.
the place we went to is the home of an american doctor. he and his wife grew up overseas and they have been overseas as a couple for a number of years as well. he has been the embassy doctor here in bamako for two years now. the US government pays for their house, cars, and everything else they want. pretty sweet place (see the grass?). our tax dollars at work =). they are a christian family and we had a lot of fun talking to them. we'll see them again on sunday at the "english worship" as it is apparently coined.
this afternoon we are heading to the big market. i guess it is the place that we can buy anything under the sun. no pun intended. we're not really going to shop but to see it and get lost for a half hour or so probably.
102* and not a cloud in the sky

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Anonymous said...

That sweet girl Ellen! I hope the baths are helping keep her cool. What's with you two and pools...seems like everywhere you go you are swimming.