Friday, June 29, 2007

after the rain

ok, after it rains all these bugs come out. they are flying termites and tessa said they called them hallelujah bugs in brazil because people rejoiced when it rained and they always showed up. anyway, they swarm to the light and are actually really annoying because they each have four wings and always shed them. in reality they come out after the rain, shed their wings, mate, and die. bleak outlook for life. the next morning most of them are dead already and the malians sweep them all up and fry them. i had a one and...well, i don't think i'll have any more. kinda' makes me think of the plagues when they get to swarming at night. kinda' creepy...especially when you have to walk out the door and they smack you in the face, get caught in you hair, and get caught in your clothes.

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