Tuesday, October 10, 2006

ellen's big day

today was a big day for our little weed; or should we say...one painful day. this morning while daddy was off to work on a rainy day she and mommy went to get her first shots. she had 4; two in each leg. tessa said that she cried. it was her angry cry, and it almost made mommy cry too.

after they got back from the clinic, daddy was home from work because of the rain. then the three of us went to the mall and got ellen some earrings. she was sleeping as the first one went in and she squirmed a little bit. there might have been a little whine also. then when the second hit she gave a little sad cry and seemed to say, "guys, i've been through so much today with the shots, just let me sleep."

neither episode seemed to bother her for more than a few seconds. and she is still the cutest little button in the world.


Anonymous said...

too cute

scott, tessa and ellen said...

thank you, thank you

christi said...

Big day is right!! Leyton always gets sick with a temp when he gets his shots, they shake stuff off so fast though. She is a cutie! Way to go you two! I say Scott has to take her in for her shots next...Jared hasn't made that trip to the doctors yet! :-)

Jennie Kelly said...

How smart are you guys! Take her in to get her shots..knock her out with some tylenol and then get her some adorable earrings! You guys are pros! She is adorable, thanks for sharing!