Tuesday, October 10, 2006

wabash bike trail

we discovered a new bike trail in council bluffs this weekend. for those of you who know of the elroy, sparta bike trail in wisconsin...this is a lot like that. it is crushed limestone and is actually very beautiful. it has some rolling hills and there is a single track alongside the trail that i would veer off on every now and then. some of the single track was pretty challenging. in fact, i bent my handlebars on one of the jumps.

anyway, tessa and i biked from council bluffs, through the city of mineola, to silver city, and back to council bluffs. that is a grand total of 27.8 miles. we love biking.

for those of you that are worried about the health and safety of ellen. be not afraid nor be dismayed for the baby bjourn keeps her safe. she is firmly attached to either tessa or i and really doesn't stand a chance of squirting out. you can see from the pictures what she rides in. she loves it. she is always pushing off of our legs and trying to see over the top. she also licks at the air just like a dog hanging its head out the window. we can't help but laugh at her...she is so cute all the time.


Ryan said...

It looks like she is going to fall out

scott, tessa and ellen said...

ya, we realized that after we put the picture in...kinda' funny. we just made that big deal about her being safe and all. tessa says that when her leg comes up it pushes ellen to one side or another. rest assured...she is safe

jared said...

27 miles! You are insane!
You finally have Blog! I can't wait to read and see more!