Wednesday, October 18, 2006

last couple days

looks like ellen got to help with some laundry

the last couple days have been good. been getting some rain, which makes work a little muddy but not bad overall.

tessa went back to work on monday. she was a little nervous about being back at work because the hospital got a new software program and the day she went in for a trial run it wouldn't let her log on. when she actually got there they hadn't made the change yet so it was fine anyway. she said she did enjoy being back around the nurses. she has made family there. i have been really impressed with the way the nurses bond. we got to see most of them when we were at the hospital with ellen and the days after.

elen still loves her swing and the bouncy chair from grandma. she sits or flies back and forth and smiles at everything. she is also developing a new screech when she wants something. hopefully that doesn't stick around too long.

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ryan said...

she is getting big fast...talking before you know it