Sunday, October 29, 2006

weekend with granparents

this weekend we hit the road for pella, iowa. home to the tulip capitol of the universe and to great grandpa and grandma. tessa's dad was in town also. they bought a fixer upper and are flipping it. we helped out with some tile and tessa sanded the cupboards. it was a fun weekend to spend with family. we went out to eat on saturday night to the pizza ranch (three stars) and started in on a puzzle this afternoon before heading back home to omaha.

this has also capped off ellen's 13th week of existence. just this weekend she rolled onto her side for the first time. she has been perfecting the art ever since. she has even rolled from her back, to her side, and then onto her stomach and is rewarded with a treat. we haven't gotten her to roll back to her side from her stomach though. she seems to end up a beached whale on her stomach. we'll work on that for week 14.

this week tessa works a half day on monday and saturday and a full day on sunday. this weekend we also have a wedding to attend. one of my college buddies is getting married. this wedding is friday night and i will miss our first basketball game because of it. i'll be back in action on saturday morning though against william penn. we'll let you know how those games go.

a thank you to those of you who prayed for ellen. she has been breathing normally and there doesn't seem to be any problems.

it's 62 and mostly clear
over and out


Jared said...

WOW, that top picture of the three of you is amazing! Ellen is so cute!! and getting so big! We miss you guys!!

Marcy Schuring said...

Isn't my princess a sweety!! Love the family shot - WHO TOOK THE PIX - WHO INSPIRED SUCH AN AWESOME SMILE??!! (I think it was her Tamu?)Missing you three!
Luv Always, Mom /Sa'i

christi said...

Wow, killer smile on that girl of yours!! She sounds VERY ADVANCED with her rolling! :-) I seriously don't think Leyton rolled over until he was like 6 months old. Well, we are off to play Carrrcccasooonnee, just bought the 'traders & builders' addition, we'll let you know how it goes. If J-Rod doesn't steal my castles it should all go just fine.

christi said...

Who is getting married? Goo?

scott, tessa and ellen said...

ya, lucas is hitched. nice wedding and all. i think they are going for a week to cancun for their honeymoon.