Sunday, October 22, 2006

week 12 laughter

we are already at week 12. hard to imagine. she is turning into a little girl more every day. this morning we had some music on and were moving her arms around like she was dancing. then tessa put her on my shoulders and started playing the drums on my head. all of a sudden we heard this little giggle. she laughed not just once, but then again a little later. usually we just get some smiles and cooing but today we got a full fledged giggle. i thought tessa was going to drop her because she was so excited.

she is 11 lbs. 13 oz. this morning and we can tell that she is moving around much more. her thighs are more like pork chops and she likes to use them.

you can pray for her because we are a little concerned. every now and then she seems to have trouble breathing. she will take a few quick gasps, coughs, and then there is an eternal pause as she doesn't seem to be able to take another breath. that scares her and us and she cries until she wears herself out and falls asleep. we are calling children's physicians today to see what they think. we have a small inkling that she chokes on her milk because it is always after she eats and we lay her down to change her. just be praying that she would be ok and that we would know what to do, if anything.

other than that, we are just enjoying a beautiful sunday afternoon. we'll probably take a walk this afternoon in the cool fall air and kick some leaves.

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