Wednesday, October 11, 2006


well basketball season is in full swing now. we completed five weeks of pre-season and now are into official practice. we have 3 down and 17 to go before our first game.

tessa and i knew going into it that it would mean a little bit of a sacrifice in time, but we both think that it will be well worth it. it has been awesome to be back in the swing of the season; i really love it. there are also a few guys on the team that are new in their relationship with the lord and it will be fun to see and hopefully help them grow in their faith and love for the lord.

i think i can speak for tessa and say that she enjoy the games obviously, but she has been to a few practices already and enjoys showing off ellen (the guys love her) and being around the team. i just asked her and she concurs. =)

don't be fooled by the pictures. it looks like there is a lot of standing around going on. we really are working hard and we will keep you updated on the season as it unfolds.

thanks for taking the time to stay up on our lives.

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